fullsteamahead is Creativity Design Marketing Rebrand


I love to design, it is my passion. 
Self taught, I have taken my skills from my early years when I was working at Black Leopard Web Design, where I was designing business cards, logos, letterheads and dabbling in web design. Then it was onto learning more about designing for print, where I up-skilled by designing wedding invitations, tourism brochures, magazine advertisements, informational brochures, canvases, logos and brand guides, then onto video editing for product campaigns and advertising on big screens and websites.

I now can add into my creation portfolio:
Corporate events design / clothing items /  food packaging  /  product stands  / vehicles (including an advertisement for the side of a bus) / newspaper articles / Facebook ads & Mailchimp campaigns

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – Lewis Carroll